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A vicious Wolf, a greasy Prince and a wicked Queen are hunting for the same Princess, but she's not going quietly. Hone your character's unique skills and join up to three friends online in heated competition as you play as either one of the three villainous characters battling for your prize or the Princess herself, using her spells to foil their plans and escape! As the Wolf your goal is to use your sense of smell to track down the Princess, snatch her in your jaws and return with her to your base. As the Wolf you can see scent trails, each color representing a different character follow these trails to find the character they belong to. As the Prince your goal is to use your Heartbeat to track down the Princess, take her in your arm and return with her to your base. It will beat faster as you draw nearer, and will beat brightest if you are facing the direction in which she lies. As the Queen your goal is to use your Vision to see where the Princess hides, capture her with your magic and return with her to your base. As the Princess your goal is to collect the three magical items in the level. You will need to evade the other three characters by strategically using your spells. The first character to complete their objective wins the match! The demo version of Once Upon a Time comes with access to all four fairy tale characters and full online play for free!

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